If you have papers on your desk, your business is not running at maximum efficiency!


Set a paper trap

Your front desk becomes the paper trap with any paper documents entering your business. Paper documents get scanned and placed in the shredding bin at the front desk.


Flow of information

A common problem with paper is that important documents can be misplaced in a pile of documents if their intended use is unclear or even thrown out. E-documents reduce this risk as unknown e-documents get transferred to an “unfiled” folder for regular monitoring by representatives you identify in your business.


An ongoing dividend

Cloud accounting is akin to saving money in the bank as you no longer need to search through piles of papers to locate a document. The time you save by navigating to an e-document with the click of a button is an ongoing dividend for your business.


No more storage costs

The cost of having space designated for storing taxation documents for six years following CRA requirements does nothing to add value to your business. History shows the cost of rent and labour to dispose of these paper documents after six years will only increase. A paperless office will eliminate this unnecessary expense!

Reach out for a free consultation and ask us how we can help you implement a paperless office to reduce your accounting burden!